The Overall Objective (OO) of the project is the joint contribution to solve energy saving problems and to promote energy efficiency solutions in the cross border region.

The OO is in line with the Overall strategic goal of the Program: “To strengthen territorial cohesion of the Bulgarian–Serbian cross-border region, its competitiveness and sustainability of its development through co-operation in the economic, social and environmental area over the administrative borders”.

The Specific Objective (SO) of the project is to enhance technical and institutional capacities to perform energy audits, thermal calculations and energy improvements in Vidin and Knjaževac municipalities in the cross border area. The Specific Objective (SO) of the project is to enhance technical and institutional capacities to deal with energy efficiency in the cross border region and to perform energy audits and thermal calculations pilot municipalities.

The purpose is in line with Program SO No. 2: „To increase economic synergy in the region and improve the capacity to jointly make use of common regional potential for improving regional well being”.  

Project Activities    Main Project activities are:
•    Establishing Joint Project Team
•    Training on use of thermography in construction
•    Purchase of equipment for thermography survey for performing energy audits
•    Selection of buildings to be audited
•    Energy audits of 30 buildings (houses, public buildings, business (office) buildings
•    Seminar on energy efficiency
•    Transfer of know-how (monitoring during audits, energy reports, advising on energy efficiency)
•    Awareness raising campaign (project promotion, invitation to audits…)
•    Final conference

Vidin and Knjaževac municipalities as a main target group; local authorities in 19 municipalities of Vidin, Borski and Zaječarski Districts; municipal experts in 19 municipalities dealing with energy, environment and climate changes; tenants and building owners; construction industry. 

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